Taking the Danger out of Demolition

Roof demolition.jpg

Despite the industry-wide giant leaps in implementing health and safety best practice on site, the construction sector remains one of the most hazardous work environments. And demolition is amongst the riskiest elements of construction work, with heavy equipment, structural instability and falling debris all contributing to the high levels of danger on site.

The high level of risk involved makes it vital to bring specialist expertise in to deliver the demolition and structural alterations elements of any refurbishment scheme. This ensures that experienced personnel assess the hazards thoroughly and plan the programme to minimise the potential risks at every stage of the project.

Increasingly, part of the planning process also involves utilising advanced technology and equipment to aid health and safety on site while speeding up project delivery.

One of the ways in which Construction Solutions is doing this is by using robotic demolition equipment to enable site personnel to operate breaking equipment remotely.  We have invested in our in-house fleet of equipment with the purchase of a Brokk remote control demolition robot, which enables our site teams to stand back from the work area to operate the equipment. The responsible member of the site team wears a remote control unit attached to their torso and connected to the robot so that they can carry out work accurately with a full visual connection to the work area, while standing at a safe distance.

It’s just one example of how technology is aiding safer delivery of construction projects but, in order for main contractors and clients to truly benefit from those innovations, they need to work with a progressive supply chain. The benefits of new techniques can only be leveraged by employing forward focused companies like Construction Solutions that are willing to embrace and invest in emerging technologies and equipment.

As the construction sector continues to benefit from digital technologies such as BIM software and pioneer new approaches to utilising exciting electronic capabilities like virtual reality, we will continue to see improvements in health and safety best practice in all aspects of construction.

Sarah Reay