Brexit's Big Impact


The result of the 2016 referendum on whether Britain will remain a member of the European Union has had a significant impact on the British construction industry. Whether it’s a decline in available skilled labourers or an increase in the costs of building materials, Brexit is shaping up to be a hurdle in Britain’s built environment.

Since the financial crash in 2008, the UK construction sector has become increasingly reliant on talent from the European Union, and EU migrants now comprise around 12% of the construction sector workforce.

Now, among the uncertainty of the negotiations, Britain may be forced to leave the single market, resulting in greater restrictions on the freedom of movement between European countries. This will result in fewer workers coming from abroad, changing the demographic of workers within the construction industry. It’s highly likely that this will leave both a skills shortage and an increase in construction fees in order to pay wages.

Brexit’s obvious disadvantages have presented using an in-house team for developments in the built environment as a more optimistic method of working.  Aspects such as being able to offer a salary and room for growth can make in-house hires less of a flight risk.

Many contractors, CSL included, also take pride in delivering a personal service to their clients and for many customers, it is this that keeps them coming back time and time again.

Using an in-house team is also advantageous as it guarantees a constant level of service for each development the company’s involved in. The in-house team here at CSL are held to the same standards on every development, helping to maintain a high standard of work quality and customer service.

The constant level of service that CSL are held up to also contributes to another distinct advantage of in-house teams – experience. One of the contributing factors to outsourced workers is that a company lacks the required skilled employees for certain development. At CSL, our in-house staff have the constantly growing experience needed to deliver a job perfectly each time.

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Nikki Griffiths